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Hello and Welcome!

My name is Melanie Hall and I am a qualified, experienced Counsellor and Coach. I am committed to helping you to live your best life, with freedom to fulfil your ambitions and live happily.

Let me ask you a question....are you living the life you want (be honest!)? 

Its very easy to get 'stuck in a rut' and before long the days become years and your hopes and dreams become distant memories. Sometimes issues from the past, if left unresolved, hold us back from fulfilling our true purpose in life. These situations can lead you to use unhealthy ways to cope, which leave you feeling even worse about yourself, and before long you are trapped in a vicious cycle.


If you are frustrated with your life and unable to make changes on your own, working with me could help. My approach is caring, non-judgemental and focussed on empowering you to develop greater resilience and problem-solving strategies. We will work together to understand your difficulties, then plan and prioritise to ensure you achieve your goals. 

I am happy to work with you for just a few sessions, or to explore issues in more depth. I work with a wide range of emotional issues, including; Anxiety and Stress, Depression, Abuse, Trauma, Work and Relationship issues.

I specialise in Addictions counselling and offer a comprehensive package of support, face to face, via Skype or telephone.